Mixed-Use Expansion (South)

Architect: Hariri Pontarini




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The vision: to modernize and activate the southwest portion of Bayview Village. This will include bringing Bayview Village out to Sheppard, with a multi-level storefront becoming our new front door to the city. An integrated podium incorporating both residential and retail elements will support the city’s key planning and urban design objectives for this part of Sheppard Avenue. To ensure a sustainable, future-proof development, we aim to improve connectivity to transit and the community. That’s why our concept plan includes the addition of mixed-use right at Bayview and Sheppard, and a potential new underground access connecting transit to the new podium and Bayview Village itself. Dedicated public open space will form a new urban ‘town square’, allowing for different events and opportunities for the community to come together all year long. Do you have feedback? Click here to contribute.

Mixed-Use Expansion (North)

Architect: Dialog

Our objective: to build on the unique retail experience of Bayview Village by creating an external lifestyle expansion, centered upon an attractive retail street. Flanked by new retail shops on either side, it will be pedestrian-focused, with expansive common areas and gathering spots, adding another distinctive element for both shoppers and the community. The Retail Promenade, as we have called it, is designed with generous width that engages the shopping and entertainment amenities with landscaping and high quality surfaces. Below grade parking will ensure easy connectivity, while maintaining the pedestrian experience. Together, the Village apartments and Retail Promenade will offer a true mixed-use experience on an uniquely intimate human scale. What do you think? Click here to contribute.

Park & Landscape opportunities

Janet Rosenberg & Studio

The idea is to create a destination where people can participate in a more vibrant urban neighbourhood. How? By improving the pedestrian experience, while improving the efficiency of various modes of transportation through new bike lanes, ease of access to the subway and functional parking. Through incorporating a series of well-located urban parks and green spaces, an interconnected series of pedestrian walkways will link the community/transit to residential to retail across the various activity zones through the centre.

The southwest Park

modern : urban : social

The SW park will anchor the site and will form part of a modern, urban plaza. Bounded by water features and flush with outdoor seating areas, the plaza acts as both a thoroughfare to the nearby subway and a place to relax and meet friends.  

the northeast park

intimate : connected : lush

The NE park is more intimate in scale and acts as a more traditional neighbourhood park, lush with plantings, trees and seating. Consistent with our core principles, native and drought-tolerant plant species will build upon Bayview Village’s sustainability and visual green identity. Share your thoughts. Click here to contribute.  

Sleek. Glam. Haute. Repeat.

This is the Bayview Village of tomorrow.